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GPS & Map for Hikers

Navstar is an iOS App that helps you access the GPS and barometer information while allows you to track your hikes through a minimalist and very intuitive interface.

Navstar process the raw data your device (GPS receiver) is getting from the satellite network. All this data is segmented into difference views where you can find the following features:

Inside the GPS tab

  • Altitude from sea level, with the correction of the device barometer.
  • Temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • UV (Ultraviolet) Index showing you the risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure. (Touching the icon updates the information)
  • Compass with 32 points of references.
  • A visual guidance (a cute little ball) that moves around the compass and always points to the geographical coordinates where the hike started.
  • Geolocation: country, city and province.
  • Coordinates in different formats.
  • You can take a screenshot of your current altitude and location.

Inside the Hike tab

  • Track your hike in the map.
  • The distance traveled is updated in real time.
  • The elapsed time since the start of your hike as well as the speed are also shown in real time.
  • You can delimiter your hike inside a circular safe zone and the app will warn you when you enter or exit this zone.
  • When the hike is over the app will show you a summary of your hike, where you can add a description and choose to save it or not.

Inside the History tab

  • List of all your saved hikes.
  • You can delete a hike.
  • You can edit a hike and change the associated description.
  • You can load a hike and visualize it in the map (at the Hike tab) including the distance traveled and rest of information.

Inside the Reports tab

  • A summary of the distance you have covered during all your saved hikes, as well as the top altitude you have reached.
  • A graphical comparison between all your saved hikes, segmented in the last seven days, the current month and a custom date range you can choose.
  • You can also take a screenshot of this reports in a fairly simple way.

Inside the Settings tab

  • You can customize units and formats.
  • You can customize the magnetic declination.
  • You can customize the type of the map from Standard, Satellite or Hybrid.
  • You can enable or disable the visual guidance on the GPS tab.
  • You can choose from two of the available algorithms used to measure the distance covered during your hikes.
  • You can prevent the screen from auto-lock when using Navstar.
  • The “About” section where you can know a litter more about me and contact me if you wish.

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navstar [at] kodigoswift [dot] com

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